New Red Squirrel Nursery at Glendoick - Now Open

the red squirrel children's nursery

Dotty Deer (Babies Room)

Welcome to our Dotty Deer room!

This room is a soft, sensory environment designed to create a 'home from home' feeling for your child. The room is set up with a wide range of resources to encourage heuristic play.

Heuristic play allows babies to investigate and explore 'objects' from the real world. Our Treasure baskets provide varied and stimulating 'objects' including sponges, brushes, materials, metal pots and keys.

Our Dotty Deer room also includes a small cosy sleep room where your child can sleep in their own individual cot while listening to soothing sounds and music.

Your child will have access to the outdoors on a daily basis, through activities on the decking area and also through regular 'walks' around the nursery grounds using our secure nursery buggies.

These outdoor opportunities allow your child to begin to make sense of their world, as well as growing their spatial awareness, gross motor skills and gaining the benefits of fresh air.

In our Dotty Deer room we follow the Pre Birth to Three curriculum which allows us to focus on your child as an individual and support them as they begin their learning journey.

For more information, please see the 'Pre Birth to Three' section of the website.

The staff to child ratio in this room is 1 adult to 3 children.

Your child will be given a special Dotty Deer Keyworker. Although all staff in the room will know and care for your child, it is the Keyworker's responsibility to observe, record and develop the next steps for your child's development. You will have regular opportunities to see this evidence in your child's individual learning portfolio.

We feel that communication and relationships with parents is essential and In the Dotty Deer room we use daily diaries to pass information between parents and staff. This will record information about the activities that your child has been involved in during their day at nursery as well as letting you know about their meals, nappy changes and sleeps.


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