New Red Squirrel Nursery at Glendoick - Now Open

the red squirrel children's nursery

Henrietta Hedgehog
(2-3 Years)

Welcome to our Henrietta Hedgehog Room!

Our Henrietta Hedgehog room is colourful, fun environment, full of materials and resources for your child to investigate and explore. It includes a natural area where the children can use items such as leaves, sticks and stones to further their play, and also benefits from an outdoor decking area.

As well as enjoying the many activities on offer inside, your child will have daily opportunities to participate in learning outdoors through regular access to the garden as well as walks around the estate. Outdoor activities are planned to allow your child to investigate, explore and make sense of the world around them while developing their gross motor skills and taking part in fun, energetic play.

We follow the Pre Birth to Three Curriculum, offering a variety of stimulating and exciting learning experiences for your child which are designed to challenge and support them in their development. We use a child centred approach to learning, meaning that we use the children's own interests and ideas and develop them into valuable learning opportunities. For more information, please see the 'Pre Birth to Three' section.

In the Henrietta Hedgehog room your child will be encouraged and supported as they become increasingly independent. Your child will be given the opportunity begin to serve themselves at meal times and to dress and undress themselves as well as being involved in choosing and planning the activities.

Our Henrietta Hedgehog room has access to the children's bathrooms where your child will be supported through the stages of their toilet training. There is a nappy changing area, a private potty area and several toilets, with steps or seats to allow your child to feel comfortable and safe.

The staff to child ratio in this room is 1 adult to 5 children.

Your child will be given an individual Henrietta Hedgehog Key-Worker. Although all staff in the room will know and care for your child, it is the Keyworker's responsibility to observe, record and develop the next steps for your child's learning. You will find the evidence of this in your child's learning portfolio which you will be invited to see and discuss on a regular basis.

To ensure that parents are fully informed about your child's day, we use a whiteboard to display our daily activities and we also use daily slips to let you know about your child's meals and sleeps throughout the day. The members of staff in the room will also speak to you about your child's individual interests and activities that day.


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