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Parents Committee

The parents committee was born in 2010 and like all products of the Red Squirrel Nursery has developed and grown! The group meet for around an hour, in the early evening, approximately every two months. The membership consists of two members of the nursery management team and 6 parents of nursery children....we even boast a father in the committee's membership, proving that these things don't have to fall to the Mum's!!! The aim of the committee is to involve parents as much as possible in the latest developments of the nursery and to be a sounding board for the staff for proposed changes. The parents committee members tend to be involved in assisting with nursery events such as the summer Garden Party and Christmas Fete. The committee is open to any parent to join and new members are always welcomed, to find out more, please speak with the nursery manager or your child's room head.

Current Membership of the Parents Committee comprises:

Amanda Higgins - Nursery Manager

Michelle Tandy - Deputy Nursery Manager

Fiona Arnott-Barron - mum to Lewis (Pre-School)

Lesley Collings - mum to Angus (Pre-School) and Martha (Henrietta Hedgehog)

Helen McCulloch - mum to Olivia (Pre-School)

Malky McPherson

Barbara Mackie - mum to Ruardiah (Henrietta Hedgehog)

Susan Mitchell - mum to Jasmine (Pre-School) and Matthew (Henrietta Hedgehog)

Zoe Whyte - mum to Theo (Henrietta Hedgehog)


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