New Red Squirrel Nursery at Glendoick - Now Open

the red squirrel children's nursery

Rusty Squirrel (3+ Years)

Welcome to our Rusty Squirrel Room!

Our Rusty Squirrel room is split into two rooms which consist of many exciting and stimulating learning areas which are tailored to suit the children's interests and ideas as well as their individual learning needs.

The children have access to the garden throughout the day and are able to flow between outdoor and indoor learning. They are also involved in regular walks and outings around the estate.

A huge amount of our learning takes place outdoors. Outdoor learning allows children to practice and develop skills, as well as taking risks and developing their self esteem. It encourages children to be healthy and to understand that being active is a healthy way to be. It also allows children to begin to understand the importance of our environment and the ways that we can impact on it.

The children in Rusty Squirrel are involved in feeding and caring for our pet rabbit, Bambi, allowing them to gain an understanding of their responsibility towards other living creatures. They are also involved in planting and growing seeds and all kinds of fruit and vegetables in our Growing garden. These plants are then used in our food technology and healthy snacks, allowing children to be involved in all of the different stages.

Our Rusty Squirrel room is set up to promote children's independence, problem solving skills and decision making. It aims to enable each child to develop into a confident individual, a responsible citizen, a successful learner and an effective contributor.

We follow the Curriculum for Excellence within the room, offering a wide range of child lead experiences that allow children to learn about themselves, the people around them, their country and their world. For more information, please see the 'Curriculum for Excellence' section.

The staff to child ratio in this room is 1 adult to 8 children.

Your child will be given a Rusty Squirrel Keyworker. Although all staff in the room will know and care for your child, it is the Keyworker's responsibility to observe, record and develop the next steps for your child's learning. This will be evidenced in your child's individual learning portfolio which you can view and discuss on a regular basis.


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