New Red Squirrel Nursery at Glendoick - Now Open

the red squirrel children's nursery

Tilly Trout (1-2 Years)

Welcome to our Tilly Trout Room!

Our Tilly Trout room is a bright stimulating room that will support and challenge your child's individual development needs. It includes a soft, sensory area that is cosy and comforting during their transitions from Dotty Deer, a role play area, a construction area and it also benefits from an outdoor decking area.

Your child will have daily opportunities to access and enjoy the outdoors through activities in the nursery garden as well as regular walks around the estate. The Tilly Trout members of staff are able to support every child's individual needs and capabilities and make use of our secure buggies and prams.

These outdoor experiences encourage your child's gross motor development and spatial awareness while encouraging them to appreciate the beauty and wonder of the environment around them.

We follow the Pre Birth to Three Curriculum within the room, offering a wide variety of exciting learning experiences for your child. For more information, please see the 'Pre Birth to Three' section.

The staff to child ratio in this room is 1 adult to 3 children.

Your child will be given a special Tilly Trout Key-Worker. Although all staff in the room will know and care for your child, it is the Keyworker's responsibility to observe, record and develop the next steps for your child's learning. This will be evidenced in your child's individual learning portfolio which you can view and discuss on a regular basis.

We believe that communication with parents is essential and strive to provide you with as much information as possible about your child's day with us. There is a whiteboard outside our door where we write about the activities that have been ongoing throughout the day and you will also be provided with a "My Day" slip with important information such as meals eaten and how long your child has had to sleep.


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